This edition of Buyer’s Eye features a mini interview! Lenna, Media Director at Baby & Co, sat down with the ever-moving Jill and asked her some specific questions about this season’s offerings.

I've noticed that fashion tends to have two paces of evolution; the fast 'trendy' cycle, and the slower sine wave changes. I know you are not driven by quick fashion trend when buying, but what general trends do you see emerging for spring? What trends for men?
Trends I see for spring are simple, recognizable shapes, saturated color, classic stripes, and abstract patterns. For men I’m feeling preppy styles in shrunken shapes. Our new line, Homecore, totally nails the essence of this look and adds a French laissez-faire  cool.

What are your favorite pieces in the store for spring?
Well, that’s an unfair question. It’s like asking me to pick a favorite child! I truly love something from every collection. I will admit I am very happy with Yoshi Kondo’s collection this spring, it is full of timeless pieces that will truly be wearable forever. Amelia Toro also has this incredible coatI can’t stop wearing. Perfect with jeans for over a dress for the ballet. For men, I love this great reversible jacket by Esemplaré; performance meets style perfectly.

Is there something in the store that is completely unique? Something in your years of buying that you have NEVER seen before?
The couture collection from Gianfranco Scotti. These Impeccably constructed, thoughtful designs are a real treat for our customer that doesn't usually get to see real couture up close.

Does the spring 2014 collection have a story to tell? Was there an idea, fashion icon, or feeling that inspired the buy?
The story this season is the story of joy, inspired by the phrase “Live Your Love” which can translate to feeling at home in your own look. We welcomed cheerful stripes, bright polka dots, colorful sneakers, skirts with movement, metallic shoes, and wild pattern bashing. Be fun! Be playful! Live your love!

When you buy, do you have a strong idea about what "should" be worn with what in the collection?
When I buy collections, I consciously make sure that the store has a cohesive look. I intentionally make sure that the various collections can be interwoven on the racks, and easily worn together. I like to streamline the experience so the customer doesn’t feel she is buying from different collections, but from her own curated closet. I like to take the guesswork out of combining items from different designers by showcasing multi-brand looks on the mannequins, on our models, and on the racks. So,  I do have my own idea of what could be pulled together to look amazing, but our customers and staff are always surprising me with new combinations.

What inspires you to pick up a new brand for Baby & Company? What new brands are you most excited about introducing this season?
I am drawn to authenticity in a new designer or collection. Thoughtful design, and feeling a connection with the creative soul of the designer draws me in, but ultimately the quality of the product is the deciding factor.

What are 3 key pieces to have on hand as the weather begins to change?
1) Men and Women both need a great sweater. Perfect for layering on a cold mornings that turn into warm afternoons. We have several, by Hannes Roether, Prïvate 0204, and Avant Toi.

2) The most key item is a lightweight scarf in blends of cotton, linen, and cashmere. Scarves are a great investment in early spring to keep your neck warm with your lightweight jackets now, and pack with you for sun cover as the days get warmer.

3) layerable, lightweight jacket. I love the versatility a jacket with shorter sleeves. You can play with color and pattern by showing a contrast sleeve now, or your freshly sun-kissed arms on warmer days. I love the taffeta jacket by Hache, or wool crepe short  sleeved coat by Amelia Toro for this look. Also, Katharina Hovman makes a  crisp swing coat that can be layered under a warmer jacket for a pop of color at the hem and cuff.